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Weekly Answer: Feedback Loops

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Negative Feedback Loop:
A change in which the variable being regulated brings about a response that moves the variable in the “opposite direction“. for example you are inside and at normal body temperature(variable) then you go outside into the cold and your body temp begins to decrease(unintended event), your body responds by causing events that raise your temperature(intentional change) “back up to its original value”(raising your temp that was falling). this is mostly seen in homeostasis and you dont have to go outside for your body to do this because it is constantly happening all the time.

Positive Feedback loop:
this type of feedback loop accelerates a process and usually has no obvious means of being slowed or stopped. Think of an avalanche that started as a small snowball rolling down a steep hill. One example is child birth in mammals. A positive feedback loop occurs when a baby’s head is pushed against the birth canal. the nerve signals from smooth muscle cells of the birth canal send info to the brain which then triggers a hormone release from the pituitary glands. the hormones then cause those “same smooth muscle cells” in the birth canal to contract with more force, which causes more signals to be sent to the brain and so on until the fetus is delivered



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Weekly answers are posted at least one a week to inform people of  sometimes difficult to grasp concept that i myself might have had to dig into to the textbooks to figure out. Most information is of my own knowledge but where it is not there will be citations to follow.

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