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English is soo easy to learn!

When i took Spanish in high school everyone knew Spanish was so hard to learn and pronounce. The native Spanish speakers had it so easy right. They already know how to pronounce all of the words and roll ALL their r’s and talk real fast so nobody can understand what they are saying. They say Spanish is a phonetic language but its still so hard. Why do all the “o” and “a” letters all sound the same but different. Why does “paraiso” sound like it has the letter e in it!! And that little line above the letters always throws me off. Like look at this word i looked up.

The first word is saw when i opened my spanish-english dictionary was:
“sobresdrújula” is pronounced “soh-bress-DRUH-Hoo-lah”.

Now who can remember how to pronounce that big word.

Why can’t Spanish be simple like English. Like take the word “ghoti” for example. Everyone who speaks English would know how this word is pronounced. And every time i say this people give me some crazy look like im stupid and say its pronounced “goo-tee”. WRONG! Like what is so hard to grasp about this.

The “GH” obviously makes an “F” sound like the word enough(e-nuf)

The “O” in ghoti can only make an  “I” sound because it makes a vowel consonant vowel structure (gho-t-i). You know “o-t-i” like the word woman women(wih-men) makes and “o-m-e” structure.

Then the easiest part of them all is the “ti” sound. I though i might not even need to explain this but there are some real goofballs slow learners out there (i have to be politically correct since i live in the U.S.).

The “TI” sounds like “SH” just like every time you say enertia(ey-ner-sha),  probation (pro-bay-shun), constipation (con-stih-pay-shun), ejacu …..Well whuut about tip, stick, and tiger, and tipsy, or tilt, or tirelessly, or petite, or retire…Well you know whuut. Just use that big ol thaang we cawl uh braine and mem-rize it ok!!

What is so hard about saying “GHOTI” cant you see it “FISH“.




Disclaimer: This is simply a joke i spun off from my spanish teacher. I wrote this satirical article because i wanted to. It was not intended to offend anyone whether they are an english speaker, Spanish speaker, or neither. comment,  shout, laugh, pass it on to friends, or do whatever you want with this. But if you are going to use this satire on the internet please put a link back to this site.

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