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5 interesting Biology Websites

Before the age of modern technology, exploration was the route to seeking knowledge about life.  Navigating the oceans, or traversing the amazon forest. If you do not see yourself submersing 36,000 feet(11,000 meters) into the Mariana Trench, then why not explore the the trenches of the internet. Here are 5 non-boring and  free sites that will open your eyes to some interesting topics relating to biology and medicine:

1. Online Exhibition from the US National library of Medicine

Anatomy-I stumbled upon the visible proofs exhibition which allows you to explore what it takes to perform an autopsy as a chief medical examiner. The exhibit does have some graphic images at times, but they are all applicable to the setting.

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2. Atlas of the Human Journey

Genetics-National Geographic’s Genographic Project explores Human History and Genetics of the world. This interactive sites allows you to explore an atlas of human migration over several centuries, and even discover your own genetic journey.

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3.  Biovisions

Biovisions at Harvard University hosts several interesting videos, but the most notable is the 3 minute video that lets you experience the 3 dimensional inner workings of a cell. This is something you have to see for yourself.

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4. Mystery of Memory

What better place to look for information than the organization that awards the Nobel Prize in many fields of science. This is a good place to begin gathering information on the many modern day mysterious of our brains.

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5.  Histology World

Although this layout of the website is not the most modern,  the vast amount of microscope slides and activities makes Histology World a must have resource for anyone who is interested in the study of cells.

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  1. Might I suggest a new biology teaching/learning blog as an interesting resource. Core concepts in biology are explained in plain English, using examples of fascinating organisms prove the rules by being the exceptions. Recent stories have included a sea slug that can photosynthesize, bacteria large enough to see with the naked eye,a plant that can heat up by burning fat, and animals that do not sleep or do not dream.