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Manipulating the Artisan within

I have always been fascinated by people who could craft objects or draw unnaturally well. So much that I used to compete with my brother when I was younger in hopes of accidentally creating something great and never throwing it away. I figured if the Egyptians could draw why couldn’t I. As expected, I failed countless times to create greatness. That lead me to assume that drawing must be a natural talent I that I would never have any success with. After all, drawing is such an abstract art form that comes straight from the pits of your brain.

Then dawned the age of the Photoshop where preciseness could be automated, errors could be polished, and images could be redrawn countless times until you were satisfied. While drawing is a form of artistic  expression,  the skill can be manipulated to help you with other seemingly unrelated tasks. And yes I have some examples where drawing really did help me understand some things while I was in school this semester.

1. Knowledge. I had to memorize not only the names but the functions of the 12 Cranial Nerves for an exam. Instead of reading and memorizing the sensory locations of the Trigeminal nerve(cranial nerve 5) i drew something.  The finished product might not help someone else remember the information, but think the creation process may be play an important role in memorizing the information.

website image

2. Communication. I needed to submit an image for a project that would entice people to buy a Christmas present, but at the same time i needed to buy one myself. So i made a cartoon image and set it as my desktop background until Christmas had passed.  :

website image

3.Expression. I felt the need to express my feelings about a few members of the tenured faculty on campus in a civilized manner. If you are not familiar with tenured faculty, they are professors that can not be fired during periods of low enrollment or layoffs. The work isn’t the greatest but it definitely is an form of expression.
mirror image

Make Money. Once you develop a talent and develop it over time you may become an expert in your field. And being recognized as an expert or at least knowledgeable in that field can allow you to make money. My hobby of creating websites has opened up several avenues for me from internships to being paid to make websites.

Hopefully this article inspires some people to not only pick up a second craft/hobby but to tie that back into your daily life.  To be good at anything takes time and practice, and what better time to start than now.  I have been working with website design for about 3 years now in my free time, but I could have easily lost this hobby sitting in my dorm room my freshman year of college.

Upcoming Articles:

I will be releasing 2 more articles soon. Both of them dealing with interesting phenomena of the brain.


Explore your Inner Artisan

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