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Mendel’s Law of Segregation & Assortment Simplified

Overview of the Role of Gregor Mendel’s Laws

The experiments performed by Gregor Mendel revealed how traits are passed from generation to generation. His Laws are the foundation for genetic studies, breeding the best crops, animals, and predicting medical disorders before birth.

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Gregor Mendel’s Laws

The most simple way of understanding the laws of segregation and independent assortment is to remember that inheritance of alleles are random. They do not care what other genes are passed along with them. I say random because this is why we make Punnet Squares to predict this randomness.

Mendel Law of Segregation


Remember how your friend cuts in the lunch line but doesn’t look back to see if you followed them. Genetic inheritance follows this same principle. Just because your mother gave you the allele for brown eyes doesn’t mean the allele for brown skin will come along with it.

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