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What is Photosynthesis: A Simplified Introduction


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What is this process we observe to support all life on this planet as we know it.
The next time you throw your can of beer out the window , or bag of chips on the floor
Remember the incredible process of harnessing energy from the sun is ultimately responsible for supporting these actions.

How you ask?
How did biological life develop and trap photosynthesis. Yes trapped from over hundreds of millions of years of evolutions.

Some of these organisms that contain photosynthesis are grass, bacteria, marine life, trees and even the moss that grows on the trees.

But as you look at this list you might find that bacteria and marine life aren’t organisms you would think to carry out photosynthesis.

This is interesting because photosynthesis is actually believed to have derived from a type of bacteria known as cyanobacteria.

Now the theory that this is contained is called the endosymbiotic theory.
This theory is that bacteria such as cyanobacteria had a symbiotic or beneficial relationship with higher level organisms which led to them being trapped inside these organsims.

And the evidence for this is the presence of 2 membranes around chloroplast in plant cells. One for the bacteria and one for the host cell that engulfed it.


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Now that you have an idea how photosynthesis contributes to your everyday life. Lets explore how photosynthesis takes energy from the sun and converts it into energy.

I wont go into much detail now but I just want you to see the bigger picture.


Photosynthesis is broken into two major steps.

The Lights dependent reaction and the dark reaction. And these names are pretty much straight forward but they can get a little tricky at times.
But as far as the light reaction, it should be properly referred to as the light dependent reaction. It depends on sunglight, carbon dioxie and water. CO2 is exhaled by animals and water is very abundant most of the time.
And the light independent reaction or the dark reaction can occur independently of sunlight, which means it can occur during the daytime when sunlight is available or at night when sunlight is not available.
Now why do we even call it the dark reaction why don’t we just call it the light independent reaction.
Well its called the dark reaction because in many species of plants the atp produced from the light reaction is actually stored during the daytime and at night time the dark reaction will take over and use that stored ATP.
cause it needs carbon dioxide, water, and atp produced from the light dependednt reaction. And it will produce glucose and oxygen.


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