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Cytoplasmic Streaming Flash Mini Game

The process of organelles and nutrients rapidly moving around a plant or fungal cells is known as cytoplasmic streaming. Just as water is constantly moving in a lake that we may never notice, organelles are constantly moving inside of plant and fungal cells. I have created flash mini game to streamline learning about how cytoplasmic streaming transports nutrients around a cell.

Transporting Nutrients (Flash Game Beta Test)

Even if you are a video game wiz, and have mastered the first level of the game, you should have noticed you why cytoplasmic streaming is the organized transportation of nutrients(level 2) and not parts randomly moving around the cell(level 1). If organelles were randomly floating around the cell it would be hard to correctly position the hundreds of copies of each organelle (carrying nutrients) in the place it is needed. Organelles such as the Golgi Apparatus (GA) travel along a highway system inside the cell made up by the endoplasmic reticulum (ER).

[gn_spoiler title=”Protein Production Mini-Review” open=”0″ style=”1″] Cells usually produce hundreds of different proteins to regulate how a cell will survive in a changing environment around it. Protein production begins with DNA in the nucleus, followed by mRNA, then finally the production of useful proteins. Cells can survive in many different environments by controlling when and where these important proteins are produced and stored at.



  1. Cytoplasmic streaming is the result of transporting organelles such as the Golgi Apparatus to an area where its needed inside of a cell.
  2. Cytoplasmic streaming can is also the trasnporting of nutrients around the cell along actin filaments.

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