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End Of The World 3 Days Darkness Hoax


Now that people realize the Mayan Calender signaling the end of the world was just a very elaborate urban legend, a newer hoax suggesting that NASA has forecast 3 days of darkness has circulated around the web. The story goes something  like this:

  • On December 21, 2012 there will be an alignment of the Earth, Sun, and the center of the galaxy that coincide with the winter solstice. This alignment with the black hole at the center of the galaxy could lead to 3 days of darkness on the planet.


Reasons why this is a hoax

NASA has responded to this and truth is NASA  has not forecast 3 days of darkness. According to statements by NASA, there are several reasons why you should not take this hoax seriously.

There’s Nothing Special About Winter Solstic

The first problem with this legend is that the solstice itself does not correlate to any movements of the stars or anything in the universe beyond Earth. It just happens to be the day that Earth’s North Pole is tipped farthest from the sun.

Earth Is Far From The Black Hole

According to NASA, Earth is 93 million miles from the sun and 165 quadrillion miles from the Milky Way’s black hole. The Earth is actually closer to the center of the galaxy during the summer than during the Winter Solstice.

The Sun Passes By The Great Rift Every Year

The Great Rift is a collection of clouds that block out the glow of other stars in our galaxy when viewed with the naked eye. The sun passes in the view of the Dark Rift every year like clockwork. Nothing special about it.


End of the world stories capture the amazement of our minds. I credit that to the myths and folktales we were all subject to as children. Although these tales are fun to discuss with friends and family remember that many tales have like this have been told before. Remember when the world was supposed to end and all technology malfunction in the year 2000?



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