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How To Easily Memorize The Urea Cycle

There is a way to easily memorize the names and enzymes involved in the urea cycle known as mnemonics. Mnemonics will help you remember their order and retain the information. You should use the Urea Cycle mnemonic to remember the names of molecules and enzymes, but you should also realize the Urea Cycle is a system that rids the body of excess Nitrogen in the form of urea in most land animals.

One thing to note about the Urea Cycle is it partially occurs in the mitochondria of cells. This is the same location as the Citric Acid Cycle. You should see some similarities between the cycles


Urea Cycle Molecules

orange Cat

[easytable] Word[attr style=”width:200px”],Molecule[attr style=”width:200px”] Orange,Ornithine
Colored, Carbamoyl Phosphate
Always,Aspartate (enters the cycle)
For,Fumarate (leaves the cycle)
Umbrellas,Urea (leaves the cycle)

The mnemonic above will help you get started but I suggest you conceptualize the process. You just have to realize the urea cycle loads 2 amino groups to be remove from the body in the urine (urea + water).

Urea Cycle Molecules

Urea Cycle Enzymes

[easytable] Word[attr style=”width:200px”],Enzyme[attr style=”width:200px”] Can,Carbamoyl Phosphate Synthetase 1
Our,Ornithine Transcarbamoylase
Aunts,Argininosuccinate Synthetase
Aim,Argininosuccinate Lyase
Accurately,Arginase 1

Many of the enzymes are named after the molecules they modify. Memorizing the enzymes should be a much easier if you know the molecules.

Urea Cycle Enzymes

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