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How To Terraform The Atmosphere on A Planet Like Mars

Many people here on Earth are waiting for the news that NASA has discovered life on Mars or any other planet within reach. What we should anticipate is the news that humans have delivered life through terraform to a barren planet like Mars!

Science Fiction tells us that we could terraform entire planets to create a lush, balanced ecosystem similar to Earth. Common sense tells us that would require an excessive amount of resources. Science tells us we should bring a little heat and bacteria .

First Warm the Planet

Are we even capable of raising the temperature of massive planets or moons? Some scientist believe we could slightly raise the temperature on a planet like Mars using hydrogen bombs or nuclear technology. This will cause the abundant Carbon Dioxide under the surface to be released, and “self heat” the planet further. This heat would also melt polar ice caps and release water need for many potential organisms in the future. This is explained in a video by theoretical physicist Michio Kaku:

Then Bring the Bacteria

After we raise the temperature and release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, photosynthetic bacteria that can survive the harsh conditions of space may be able to support planetary exploration missions that extract minerals from rocks or recycle waste. Hopefully supporting permanent Moon or Mars bases that operate self-sufficiently.


Either we succeed / or this is fiction. Do you think we can establish self sustaining bases on the Moon or Mars, or is this science fiction we will not see in our lifetime? Discuss this here or on the Mymoonspace.com website.

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