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Is EggNog Healthy for Christmas?

You may have heard that drinking alcohol in small quantities per a day does benefit your heart. Couple this with the nutritional value of eggnog and you might have a healthy alcoholic beverage for Christmas?

Egg nog

What amount of Alcohol is Healthy?

Research suggests that one drink a day for women and up to two daily for men can provide health benefits. Scientists define a drink as one ounce of 100 proof alcohol. If you are using rum which is normally 35%(70 proof) then your glass of eggnog should have no more than 1/2 of a shot of rum. However, it is not recommended to consume alcohol for its controversial health effects.

What makes Eggnog Healthy?

The main ingredients of eggnog are:

  1. Milk – Good source of Calcium that is health for your bones and teeth. Milk is also a good source of Vitamin A and Vitamin B.
  2. Sugar – Usually thought of as being unhealthy, but sugar is only detrimental to your health if you over consume it without exercising to burn off that extra energy. Eggnog usually has  much less sugar than sodas.
  3. Egg Yolk – The Egg yolk is a good source of protein. The combined protein content of milk and egg yolk make this Christmas drink a nutritious treat for winter.


What is not Healthy about Eggnog

Do not overindulge in the eggnog for the break if you are watching your calories or cholesterol because you will negate any health benefits.

  1. Every 1 cup of  Eggnog is over 300 calories
  2. The eggs contribute a significant amount of cholesterol to the eggnog.



Eggnog has some healthy ingredients such as eggs and milk , but other less healthy ingredients such as cholesterol and calories. The key to remember is moderation. If you don’t overindulge in the eggnog then why not have a drink or two for the Christmas break with the family.



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