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Plant Cell Organelles Simplified

Examples of Organelles in Plant Cells

Knowing the major organelles in a plant cell is important to learning the major functions carried out by cells plants.

Central Vacuole

In plants, the central vacuole is a membrane enclosed space in the center of the cell, and is filled with water. This vacuole often the largest structure inside the cell and keeps the plant rigid.



Cell Wall: The cell wall is the rigid outermost cell layer found in plants. In plants, the cell wall is made up of cellulose, and is crucial to cell function.  Animal cells do not have a cell wall.

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Nucleus: Organization and expression of the genetic material(DNA).


Rough ER: Protein synthesis, sorting, and secretion.
Smooth ER: Detoxification and lipid Synthesis.

Golgi Apparatus: Modification, sorting and secretion of lipids and proteins.
Peroxisome: Breakdown of hydrogen peroxide and other harmful molecules.

Chloroplast: Location of photosynthesis.

Mitochondrion: Location of ATP synthesis.

Centrosome: Site where microtubules grow and centrioles are found.

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