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Mysterious Meteorites Land In Russia

What object is 55 feet wide, weighs 10,000 tons and crashes into the Earth once every 100 years?

Russian Meteor Size

You should be thinking about the meteorite that plummeted into Russia and injured nearly 1000 people on Friday. This large impact occurred the same day an unrelated asteroid was supposed to pass close by the Earth.

Quick Facts from NASA

  • The meteorite was brighter than the sun.
  • The meteorite was traveling at about 44,000mph(18 kilometer per second).
  • Preliminary data shows that this meteorite was not related to the 2012 DA14 asteroid that flew by Earth shortly after this event…and we all believe this.

The Impact Videos

Dashboard cameras are very popular in Russia so this entire event was caught on camera. LOUND Sound Warning.




So do you believe this event was related to 2012 DA14 asteroid? If not what should we do about events like this in the future?

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