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Modern Day Vampires

Of course we’re familiar with our average day mosquito, leeches and ticks, but what about animals much larger and wider ranged in mobility. Apparently, “vampires” can come in more shapes and sizes than sharp teethed creatures with wings. This article should alert you more about our modern day “Draculas”.



Able to live in both salty and fresh water, lampreys have no jaws, no scales, and spend most of their lives as harmless larvae. As they approach adulthood, lampreys latch onto a host with their hook-like teeth and gulp down its blood as it swims, unable to defend itself.

Lamprey Larvae
Lamprey Larvae

Lamprey teeth

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are parasitic insects of the cimicid family that feed exclusively on blood. As “nest parasites,” bedbugs have followed us over the years from caves and huts to houses and hotels. They hide in mattresses, behind walls, and under floors; they come out at night to drink blood. An outbreak can spread quickly, since females lay up to five eggs a day.. For people living in their more indigenous areas, “not letting the bed bugs bite” is a more serious of tasks.

Bed Bug
Bed bug bite


Known to grow to a size of 40 centimeters, candiru species have been thriving in the Amazon river. This parasitic catfish, attacks other fish by swimming into their gills and latching on for their meals. In a sense, as long as you don’t go relieving yourself in the Amazon, you should be fine.

Candura fish


Kissing Bugs

The correct term for these bugs are Triatominae. As bigger and more aggressive insects,”kissing bugs” can be even worse than bedbugs. Being indigenous in South America and few species present in Asia, Africa, and Australia, there have been a number of cases often of the “assassin bug” biting people’s faces to drink their blood. Whats worse is that these bugs also can spread disease as well.

Kissing Bugs kid to adult




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