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About Dbriers.com


Demarcus Briers – Prairie View A&M University

Karlton Tatum – Prairie View A&M University

Eric Kernfeld – Tufts University


What is our Motivation

Dbriers.com is a science teaching and discovery hub. We that publishes articles that are visually appealing and mind-altering for some to ourselves and hopefully other people. Why do we do this?  We believe science has a fascinating wealth of potential that can only be reached if people like you, yes you my friend, find it interesting to learn and dedicate your time to reaching a future of amazing scientific knowledge.

Our approach to teaching is to explain every concept at a basic level of understanding and link to other articles to fill in gaps of knowledge anyone might have. We want everyone to be able to understand the concepts we present.

For example we plan to introduce you to interdisciplinary fields of research, like Bioinformatics, that pushes the limits of our understanding of statistics and science. In order to understand this field you should be very comfortable with the concepts of Biology and some form of computer programming

If we learn, and you learn, we can collectively build an immense wall of knowledge and create whatever our minds can fathom one day…



We would like to thank the Noun Project for providing for some of our articles. The Noun Project is an initiative to use Pictograms as a universal language.

The following images were provided by artists who donated their images to The Noun Project collection.

“Plant” symbol used on the Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes page is by Tak Imoto

“Ant” symbol used on the Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes page is by Jacob Eckert

Video Game Controller designed by Uriel Sosa from The Noun Project

Any content not licensed from 3rd parties abides by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical Liscence. Please contact us if you would like use any content on our site for any commercial purposes using the Contact Us form.


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