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I am currently a student at Prairie View A&M University

What is Cancer Simplified

The development of cancer is a multistep process. Cancers originate from a single cell. This single cell and its line of daughter cells undergo a series of mutations that causes the cells to grow abnormally.

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What is DNA Repair Simplified

A cell that has accumulated a large amount of DNA damage, or one that no longer effectively repairs damage incurred to its DNA, can enter one of three possible states...

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What are Stem Cells Simplified

What are stem cells? Will stem cell lines be manipulated to make designer babies in the future? The basics of stem cells are simplified.

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What is Mutation Simplified

Gene Mutation Alters the DNA Sequence of a Gene Mutations can cause two basic types of changes to a gene: The base sequence within a gene can be changed One or more nucleotides can be added to or removed from the gene. A point mutation affects only a single base pair within the DNA. For Example, the DNA sequence shown …

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What are Atoms Simplified

Understanding the Basics of Atoms All living organisms are a collection of atoms and molecules bound together and interacting with each other through the forces of nature. Atoms are composed of smaller, subatomic particles.   Breaking Down the Atom Atoms are the smallest functional units of matter that form all chemical substances and can’t be further broken down into other …

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Living Organisms Viewed at Different Structures of Organization

The concept of organization is so fundamental to biology that the term organism can be applied to all living things. Organisms in Order   Atom An atom is the smallest component of an element that has the chemical properties of the element. All matter is composed of atoms. Molecules & Macromolecules Atoms bond with each other to form molecules. When …

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What is DNA Translation Simplified

Understanding the Basics of DNA Translation Translation involves an interpretation of one language into another. The language of mRNA, which is a nucleotide sequence, is translated into the language of a polypeptide, which is an amino acid sequence. To understand the process of translation, we will first examine the genetic code, which specifies the relationship between the sequence of nucleotides …

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What is DNA Replication Simplified

Understanding the Basics of DNA Replication DNA replication is a biological process that occurs in all living organisms and copies their DNA   DNA Replication Begins at an Origin of Replication An origin of replication is a site within a chromosome that serves as a starting point for DNA replication. At the origin, the two DNA strands unwind, and DNA …

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