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Demarcus Briers

I am a Biology major at Prairie View A&M University . I am also a Spanish Language minor and Chemistry Minor. I currently design and program utilizing C++, CSS , Javascript, and PHP. When I graduate I intend on going to a graduate school where I will be able to incorporate computer science and biology. In the meantime I will be living and learning as a college student(the fun part).

Are Designer Babies a science of the future?

Could you imagine a world where not only your birth being planned but your also your phenotypic makeup like hair and eye color.  Don’t worry because this is a far shot down the road, but the technology to selectively choosing embryos with  a greater chance of developing into a healthy human being is practically already here. The  two methods to “design” some aspects of a …

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Weekly Answer: Feedback Loops

**note: pictures will be added soon Negative Feedback Loop: A change in which the variable being regulated brings about a response that moves the variable in the “opposite direction“. for example you are inside and at normal body temperature(variable) then you go outside into the cold and your body temp begins to decrease(unintended event), your body responds by causing events …

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Tour of Memorial Herman Hospital

I and several other students from Prairie View A&M University attended the Pre-JAMP Symposium on April 3, 2009. When we first arrived we practiced putting stitches in different sized cuts on an arm filled with Styrofoam.  The outer layer, the skin, seemed to respond realistically to the pressure of a needle. We also practiced inserting a tube and inflating the lungs

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Does Evolution Explain how life started?

From a nonbiased point of view Ok firstly I am going to be very brief on this topic because I don’t want to go way overboard. To even argue whether you think the theory of evolution is right you must know what it means. Does the theory of evolution explain how life started? The simple answer is NO. Evolution simply …

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If you’ve let your guard down!

If you've let your guard down--or even if you haven't--it can be hard to tell if your PC is infected. Here's what to do if you suspect the worst. Heard this one before? You must run antivirus software and keep it up to date or else your PC will get infected, you'll lose all your data, and you'll incur the wrath of every e-mail buddy you unknowingly infect because of your carelessness

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