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Demarcus Briers

I am a Biology major at Prairie View A&M University . I am also a Spanish Language minor and Chemistry Minor. I currently design and program utilizing C++, CSS , Javascript, and PHP. When I graduate I intend on going to a graduate school where I will be able to incorporate computer science and biology. In the meantime I will be living and learning as a college student(the fun part).

NASA Funds 3D Food Printers

Video Source: GeoBeats Youtube Channel NASA has awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I contract to Systems and Materials Research Consultancy of Austin, Texas to study the feasibility of using 3D printing for making food in space. Systems and Materials Research Consultancy will conduct a study for the development of a 3D printed food system for long duration …

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Citric Acid Cycle Game

After creating a strategy to learn the Citric Acid Cycle using mnemonics, I created an interactive drag and drop game to help other people like you who want a more interactive learning experience. No matter what your prior knowledge of the Citric Acid Cycle is, this game is designed to challenge and test your basic understand of the cycle.   …

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Top Locations For Alien Life In Our Solar System

The mission of the Kepler Project is to discover habitable planets orbiting other stars. However, many of these planets are light years away and unreachable by humans with our current technology. So lets take a look at bodies much closer and in our own solar system that may be top locations for alien life. As you judge these locations yourself …

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Inspiration Of The Week 3: Why Do You Value Life


Everyone has stopped for a moment and pondered about why they value the life they have today? Some people credit their parent, grandparent, their religion, and some people say it was chance. No matter who you credit, Neil Degrasse explains how it is no less that a stupendous miracle that all forms of life exist on Earth.  

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What Is Cellular Respiration (Simplified)


Cellular Respiration is simply respiration(using oxygen) at a cellular level. When you learn the 3 steps of cellular respiration you will be able to connect why animals must breath oxygen and eat food to live. Sugar from food and oxygen are used in┬ácellular respiration┬áto create energy for the billions of cells in your body to live. Although there are other …

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Mysterious Meteorites Land In Russia


What object is 55 feet wide, weighs 10,000 tons and crashes into the Earth once every 100 years? You should be thinking about the meteorite that plummeted into Russia and injured nearly 1000 people on Friday. This large impact occurred the same day an unrelated asteroid was supposed to pass close by the Earth. Quick Facts from NASA The Impact …

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Unplug Your Mind 2: Humans Create Infinity

Welcome to the 2nd entry of the Unplug Your Mind series. It might be hard to convince the US congress that money should be spent on simply awing the minds of people around the world. So I will attempt to do that without sending the US government further into a fiscal catastrophe. Here is a clip that explains how technology …

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