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Demarcus Briers

I am a Biology major at Prairie View A&M University . I am also a Spanish Language minor and Chemistry Minor. I currently design and program utilizing C++, CSS , Javascript, and PHP. When I graduate I intend on going to a graduate school where I will be able to incorporate computer science and biology. In the meantime I will be living and learning as a college student(the fun part).

What is Photosynthesis: A Simplified Introduction

"Photosynthesis" What is this process we observe to support all life on this planet as we know it. The process of Photosynthesis and how it developed by endosymbiosis is explained in a simplified video.

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The Major Functions of the Liver Simplified

The liver is the largest solid organ of the body, and plays an important role in the uptake of amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids, and vitamins. The liver can also regenerate...

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Where does Glycolysis Occur?

Glycolysis is the first stage of cellular respiration that involves the breaking down of glucose into smaller molecules to produce ATP (cellular energy).

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What is the Difference between Genomics vs Proteomics?

The difference between genomics and proteomics is simple as the names sounds. Genomics is the study of the genes in an organism while Proteomics is the study of the all the proteins in a cell. Proteomics studies are more beneficial because proteins are the functional molecules in cells and represent actual conditions. Genes in the nucleus may not accurately portray …

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What Does DNA Structure Look Like and Why?

What does DNA looks like you may ask? DNA looks like a long chains of this basic structure form a double helix structure of DNA inside the cell.

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