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Demarcus Briers

I am a Biology major at Prairie View A&M University . I am also a Spanish Language minor and Chemistry Minor. I currently design and program utilizing C++, CSS , Javascript, and PHP. When I graduate I intend on going to a graduate school where I will be able to incorporate computer science and biology. In the meantime I will be living and learning as a college student(the fun part).

What is DNA? A Simplified Answer

Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) is the genetic material that is a blueprint for the development and function of living things on Earth.

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Memorize Sounds of the Spanish Alphabet (alfabeto)

The first and most commonly overlooked step of learning to speak Spanish is the alphabet. But why learn the alphabet in a static image when you could learn it through music. Watch this video by YouTube user MiJardinInfantil. The more engaged you are in the song the better your chances of learning to pronounce words like a native Spanish speaker. …

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WiFi Interference with Bluetooth Mouse & Speakers

However easy it may be to blame your neighbor's wireless setup for WiFi interference woes, you might want to consider looking at the transmission frequencies of Bluetooth mice or other wireless devices lying around your house.

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NASA Lands Curiosity Rover on Mars

If you think NASA is shutting down then think again. NASA has successfully landed the $2.5 billion Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars after a 36 month mission.

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The Stages of Mitosis Simplified

In the grand scheme of cellular life the stages of mitosis are responsible for the regeneration of cells in the exact form as its predecessor or parent cell.

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Pronounce Spanish Words Like A Native Speaker

If you pay attention to mastering the basics of the Spanish language your ability to speak Spanish like a native speaker will dramatically increase.

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What Are Allergies And Why We Get Them

Why do we get Allergies when their only purpose is to cause runny noses, itchy eyes, and develop into more severe conditions such as asthma.

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