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Mendel’s Law of Segregation & Assortment Simplified

The most simple way of understanding the laws of segregation and independent assortment is to remember that inheritance of alleles are random. They do not care what other genes are passed along with them. I say random because...

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The Electron Transport Chain Steps Simplified

Electron Transport Chain

The electron transport chain is the final and most important step of cellular respiration. While Glycolysis and the Citric Acid Cycle make the necessary precursors, the electron transport chain is where a majority of the ATP is created.

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Free Krebs Cycle Backgrounds

If you are tired of your current background and want to learn passively as you type away on your computer everyday, then you might want to check out a series of backgrounds I created. You can download the ZIP file here.

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How to easily memorize Glycolysis

Mnemonics is the easiest way to memorize glycolysis quickly  . I have used this technique the day before the test, and sometimes minutes before the test with a pretty solid success rate.

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5 interesting Biology Websites

Before the age of modern technology, exploration was the route to seeking knowledge about life.  Navigating the oceans, or traversing the amazon forest. If you do not see yourself submersing 36,000 feet(11,000 meters) into the Mariana Trench, then why not explore the the trenches of the internet. Here are 5 non-boring and  free sites that will open your eyes to …

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