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End Of The World 3 Days Darkness Hoax

[easyrotator]erc_26_1356123826[/easyrotator] Now that people realize the Mayan Calender signaling the end of the world was just a very elaborate urban legend, a newer hoax suggesting that NASA has forecast 3 days of darkness has circulated around the web. The story goes something¬† like this: On December 21, 2012 there will be an alignment of the Earth, Sun, and the center …

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Bone Structure and Function Simplified

short Bone

Here is a very graphical and simplified explanation of how your bone is structured and what its main functions are. Bone does more than hold your body weight..

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What are Stem Cells Simplified

What are stem cells? Will stem cell lines be manipulated to make designer babies in the future? The basics of stem cells are simplified.

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What is Mutation Simplified

Gene Mutation Alters the DNA Sequence of a Gene Mutations can cause two basic types of changes to a gene: The base sequence within a gene can be changed One or more nucleotides can be added to or removed from the gene. A point mutation affects only a single base pair within the DNA. For Example, the DNA sequence shown …

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Difference Between Compact Bone and Spongy Bone Simplified

compact spongy bone

Compact bone and spongy bone are the two types of osseous tissue or bone tissue that make up bones. Although there may be different shaped bones that have unique functions, they are mostly composed of an outer layer of compact bone and an inner layer of spongy bone. An exception to this organization is the vertebrae that protect the spinal …

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What are Atoms Simplified

Understanding the Basics of Atoms All living organisms are a collection of atoms and molecules bound together and interacting with each other through the forces of nature. Atoms are composed of smaller, subatomic particles.   Breaking Down the Atom Atoms are the smallest functional units of matter that form all chemical substances and can’t be further broken down into other …

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Bone Cells of Resorption & Remodeling Simplified

Bone Remodeling Simplified

There are 3 major types of cells found in your bone that must work together in a process known as resorption & remodeling to keep your bones strong and healthy. How can this process be simplified? If you look at your arms you might think your bone is a solid everlasting structure, but its actually being broken down and rebuilt …

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