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Ionic vs Covalent Bonds in Cells

In Biology the cell is typically thought of as the smallest functional unit that all tissues and organs are made of. Covalent Bonds If you look inside of any cell you will see they are made of water, proteins, fatty acids, sugars, and nucleic acids (DNA). These macromolecules allows cells to make energy, reproduce themselves, and communicate with other cells. …

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Why Kiss

As we know, kissing is one of the most performed actions done today by humans and some animals alike. Everyone loves a nice wet one! But have you stopped and considered, why do we do this in the first place. When you kiss someone, if you have, is it because you’re reacting off of instinct or is it because your …

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Word Problems in Chemistry and Physics

This article is about word problems that occur in quantitative sciences like chemistry and physics. Word problems in chemistry and physics are a crucial point for students. Mastering them will allow students to progress in chemistry and physics from high school onwards, even when confronting tricky word problems. There are several “ key phrases” that are useful in order to …

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What are Atoms Simplified

Understanding the Basics of Atoms All living organisms are a collection of atoms and molecules bound together and interacting with each other through the forces of nature. Atoms are composed of smaller, subatomic particles.   Breaking Down the Atom Atoms are the smallest functional units of matter that form all chemical substances and can’t be further broken down into other …

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