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Music and the Brain

Many people are concerned with the topic of , “Can Music Make Me Smarter?”, and if so, “What Music Should I Listen Too?”. This article should help you more in your quest for the ultimate symphony or songs to stimulate your brain. To arrive to this question we first need to ask the question…   How Does Music Affect The …

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Unplug Your Mind 2: Humans Create Infinity

Welcome to the 2nd entry of the Unplug Your Mind series. It might be hard to convince the US congress that money should be spent on simply awing the minds of people around the world. So I will attempt to do that without sending the US government further into a fiscal catastrophe. Here is a clip that explains how technology …

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The 2012 Fiscal Cliff Simplified

For a college student and aspiring scientist, the talk of the 2012 fiscal cliff can be overwhelming underwhelming. Why should a college student or future scientist like me worry about the fiscal cliff? Should I worry about the price of Raumen noodles and milk suddenly inflating to $8 a gallon, or should I kiss my research funding goodbye…   The …

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Gram Stain Flash Video Game

If you are at least somewhat familiar with gram staining and the reagents used, play this game to help you reinforce the procedure in an entertaining way.

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Is EggNog Healthy for Christmas?

Egg nog

You may have heard that drinking alcohol in small quantities per a day does benefit your heart. Couple this with the nutritional value of eggnog and you might have a healthy alcoholic beverage for Christmas? What amount of Alcohol is Healthy? Research suggests that one drink a day for women and up to two daily for men can provide health …

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Cytoplasmic Streaming Flash Mini Game

Cytoplasmic Streaming Flash Game

The process of organelles and nutrients rapidly moving around a plant or fungal cells is known as cytoplasmic streaming. Just as water is constantly moving in a lake that we may never notice, organelles are constantly moving inside of plant and fungal cells. I have created flash mini game to streamline learning about how cytoplasmic streaming transports nutrients around a cell. Transporting Nutrients (Flash …

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Where did Black Friday come from?

Black Friday has become a ritual to many Americans young and old. The day after Thanksgiving shoppers and retailers in the United States prepare for swarms of shoppers looking to find the best deals of the year, and prepare for the true American holiday; Christmas. However news stations may show shoppers and retailers on “Black Friday”, the origins of this …

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Free Krebs Cycle Backgrounds

If you are tired of your current background and want to learn passively as you type away on your computer everyday, then you might want to check out a series of backgrounds I created. You can download the ZIP file here.

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