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Can Synesthesia Reveal We Dont See The Same Colors

blue strawberry

Have you glared at the sunset in the horizon wondering if the blue sky you see is the color red to someone else. Your friends or neighbors might see a red sky but learned to call it the color blue.  Strawberries, Mars, and blood might be the color you recognize as blue. A scientific experiment with monkeys and a rare …

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The Moon’s Most Valuable Resource: Dirt

Dirt on The Moon - Regolith

The Moon’s environment consists of a combination of atmospheric, thermal, meteoroids, radiation, magnetic field, and gravitational field mechanisms. If humans want a feasible lunar base we should look at the resources already on the moon to protect future lunar inhabitants. The Lunar Shield Lunar regolith or soil can be used to shield a lunar station and it’s inhabitants from the …

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How to Stay in Your Dream Longer


During most dreams, sleepers are not even aware that they are dreaming, no matter how absurd or eccentric their dreams are until the moment they are about to wake up. After years of lucid dreaming and returning to my dreams, here is a list of techniques I have tried and how difficult they were to thrust myself back into my …

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Why Kiss

As we know, kissing is one of the most performed actions done today by humans and some animals alike. Everyone loves a nice wet one! But have you stopped and considered, why do we do this in the first place. When you kiss someone, if you have, is it because you’re reacting off of instinct or is it because your …

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Modern Day Vampires

Of course we’re familiar with our average day mosquito, leeches and ticks, but what about animals much larger and wider ranged in mobility. Apparently, “vampires” can come in more shapes and sizes than sharp teethed creatures with wings. This article should alert you more about our modern day “Draculas”.   Lamprey Able to live in both salty and fresh water, …

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