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The Electron Transport Chain Steps Simplified

Electron Transport Chain

The electron transport chain is the final and most important step of cellular respiration. While Glycolysis and the Citric Acid Cycle make the necessary precursors, the electron transport chain is where a majority of the ATP is created.

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Find the Smallest Fraction like a TI calculator

Did you know the formula your TI calculator uses to find the most simple form of any fraction is based on an algorithm discovered around the year 300 BC. Much to my surprise it was a simple process known as Euclid's Algorithm.

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Pros and Cons of a Manned Mission to Mars

Much like the bold journey of Marco Polo and company to the unknown worlds of East Asia, NASA is set to embark upon a 21 month manned mission to the surface of Mars by 2030. With this in mind, there are two rationales that people seem to align with when discussing a manned mission to another planet like Mars.

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What is Synethesia: Can you become a Synesthete

How would it feel if you realized the world you grew up in, filled with colors, sound, taste, and sensation was just all in your head. I’m not referring to confusing the realms of reality with your dreams, or being enlightened about different senses  from some advanced alien society. What I’m referring to is your brain physically being wired differently …

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Manipulating the Artisan within

I have always been fascinated by people who could craft objects or draw unnaturally well. So much that I used to compete with my brother when I was younger in hopes of accidentally creating something great and never throwing it away. I figured if the Egyptians could draw why couldn’t I. As expected, I failed countless times to create greatness. …

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So you want to make a poison dart – Curare

Poison Dart Curare

So you want to make a poison dart like the Indigenous South Americans you see in the Hollywood movies, but don’t want to thoughtlessly harm yourself in the process. Instead of aborting your plan you sift through the internet to find someone who has done it before…right. Well to avoid accidentally harming yourself I would advise you not to attempt …

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