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Memorize Sounds of the Spanish Alphabet (alfabeto)

The first and most commonly overlooked step of learning to speak Spanish is the alphabet. But why learn the alphabet in a static image when you could learn it through music. Watch this video by YouTube user MiJardinInfantil. The more engaged you are in the song the better your chances of learning to pronounce words like a native Spanish speaker. …

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Pronounce Spanish Words Like A Native Speaker

If you pay attention to mastering the basics of the Spanish language your ability to speak Spanish like a native speaker will dramatically increase.

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Are actions truly more valuable than words- Aphasia

Imagine if you woke up one morning and nobody could understand a word you said! You would talk somewhat clearly in your mind but people would give you a baffled look every time you attempted to talk. This would be the case  if you had a neurological disorder like Broca’s Aphasia. The worst part about Broca’s Aphasia is that in …

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How to Improve Language Learning in the U.S.

“Hey que onda wey,  queires jugar fútbol conmigo esta”… “you’re in America! Don’t Speak that crap around me! Speak English; I don’t know if you’re talking about my momma or something!” There is a long, awkward pause. I can see the sweat drip down the face of a young Hispanic boy. His eyelids open wide as if he is trying …

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