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Draw the Structure of a Glucose Molecule

Glucose Overview Being able to draw glucose is an important step to understanding important chemical reactions inside of living cells such as Glycolysis or Gluconeogenesis. Glucose is also an important source of energy for cells in many different organisms that range from bacteria to mammals. Being able to easily draw glucose is a fundamental step to learning higher level chemistry or biology. …

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How to easily memorize Gluconeogenesis

An easy way to learn and memorize gluconeogenesis is by using mnemonics to help you remember the order of molecules. Since Gluconeogenesis (generation of glucose) is the opposite pathway of glycolysis, all of the molecules should be familiar if you have studied glycolysis in the past. See my review of Glycolysis and where it occurs if you are not familiar …

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How to easily memorize Glycolysis

Mnemonics is the easiest way to memorize glycolysis quickly  . I have used this technique the day before the test, and sometimes minutes before the test with a pretty solid success rate.

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